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Bellwood-Antis High School has been awarded the U.S. News & World Report Bronze award for Best High Schools in the US 2015!

2015 Best High Schools


 Check out Ms. Longo's and Mr. Plumber's Classes Recycling Video!






Senior High Chorus Concert May 28th @ 7:00PM 

Tickets available online ( here).



View the Fourth Grade "Change for South Sudan Fundraiser" videos here.
To view more about the program or to donate, please visit the site:
Video one

Video Two



Fact Finders Report and Side by Side Comparison

   Document 1,    Document 2 Document 3 



Student transportation schedules for the district are now being handled by Raystown Transit (814) 201-2120.

May Driving Tips from PennDOT

May – National Youth Traffic Safety Month

1. You make choices every day – what to wear, what to eat, what TV show to watch, what songs to listen to on the radio. So, why not make the choice every day to be safe behind the wheel, to protect your safety and the safety of others? What would happen if you chose to speed, to talk or text on your cell phone, chose not to buckle your seat belt, or to drink and drive? Who would be left behind? Whose lives would you impact by making choices that could have devastating consequences? When behind the wheel, you’re in control of a lethal weapon, so make sure you always focus on the task at hand – driving safely. May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month – remember, buckling your seat belt takes like two seconds and that call or text can totally wait! And, let’s not forget the dangers of speeding, and drinking and driving. To help you make wise choices behind the wheel, visit the Young Driver section at


2. Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16-24 year olds. Some key contributors to crashes involving teen drivers in Pennsylvania include driver inexperience, driver distractions, driving too fast for conditions and improper or careless turning. PennDOT offers numerous resources for young drivers, as well as parents and guardians, to help keep everyone safe on the road during this time. Try putting your phone in the back seat so that you aren’t tempted to text or call while driving, and be aware of the speeds you’re driving at. It only takes a moment for a crash to occur, so make sure to remain alert at all times. For more tips visit the Young Driver section on


It’s also National Bike Month – check out PennDOT’s series of bicycle and pedestrian safety videos for viewers of all ages at

Bellwood-Antis Digital Academy

Choosing a quality cyber school for your child is critical to his or her future. At the Bellwood-Antis School District, we understand that the skills he or she builds during K-12 school years impacts career and college choices, earning power and success in life.

Selecting Bellwood-Antis Digital Academy (BADA) will ensure that your child is prepared for the demands of the real world while providing a quality educational experience in the environment of your choice. BADA is designed to meet the needs of students who are considering enrolling in a cyber school or who are already enrolled in a cyber school, but would prefer a more local, personalized option.
BADA offers a true blended learning environment that allows students to complete coursework in the privacy and comfort of home while still participating in school activities. Students have the option to take a course of interest on-site at Bellwood-Antis during the regular school day or attend the Career and Technology Center. BADA students can also participate in athletic teams, art and gym classes and other “extras.”
For more details on the Bellwood-Antis Digital Academy, please follow the link (here).

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